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An experienced design leader delivering thoughtful design and innovative solutions that garner industry awards and highly praised reviews from customers. 

Generic picture of a navigation flow


Payment Plan Selection screenshots

Rethinking TrueAccord's Consumer Portal

TrueAccord’s Consumer Portal is a self-service debt management platform where consumers can view, manage, and take action on their debts. In this case study, I explain the strategy and planning that went into rethinking the Consumer Portal and then concentrate on the redesign of one specific user flow, setting up a payment plan.

DocuSign Support Center Final Design

Supporting Docusign's Global Community

DocuSign is the leader in digital signatures, but when I started this project they offered few self-serve support options. In this case study, I’ll discuss the planning and execution that went in to meeting the business goal of contact center deflection while meeting the customers’ needs for answers and education. 


Design Leadership

  • Vision
  • Career growth and development
  • Evangelism

Design at Scale

  • Processes
  • Design system
  • Design thinking and innovation

Design Execution

  • Quality
  • User-centered focus
  • Impact


For more than 15 years I’ve led design teams and projects for everything from large corporations to 10-person startups.

For the past 7 years I’ve been growing the consumer experience function at TrueML, a FinTech startup focused on helping consumers manage their debt.

Building, growing, and leading product design teams that create great customer experiences by understanding the complex relationship between design, business, and technology.

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