Design Leadership

Vision Ensuring that the team has a clear vision and goals. Defining why we are doing the work, what we want the product to be in the future, and what we need to do to get there.

Career development Working with the team to set clear expectations and develop career pathing that makes sense and meets team members needs.

Evangelism Internally, creating a design driven organization and consistently demonstrating the value of design and research. Externally, being viewed as thought leaders and as a great place to work for designers and researchers.


Design at Scale

Processes Mapping out a clear process to provide clarity to how we work, but also how other teams can work with us.

Design system Creating and maintaining a design system that is scalable, accessible, and meets the needs of the team and the product so we create consistent experiences faster.

Design thinking Accelerating innovation and staying ahead of the competition through anticipating user needs.

Design Execution

Quality Designing products and services that use best practices and patterns and are of high quality.

User-centered focus Finding ways to empathize and understand our users so design decisions are based on their needs. 

Impact Creating experiences that have a positive impact on users while meeting the goals of the business. 

Building, growing, and leading product design teams that create great customer experiences by understanding the complex relationship between design, business, and technology.

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